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‎MLS-CONNECT is the mobile app allowing members of a real estate group to collaborate efficiently: geolocation of offers, offer stats in real time, complete visit management, sold and expired properties, member directory, secure tracking of common areas...

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Easy Research

MLS-CONNECT provides the most advanced functions to make research easier: Geolocation, search by address, property reference, map mode, listing mode, combined criteria (property type, price, surface, number of rooms…)

Property Sheet

All useful information about a property for the real estate professional to be able to collaborate: Direct contact with listing agent, access to similar environments, geolocation of the property, display of confidential collaboration data (number of days on the market, listing agent’s comments, etc), display of neighbourhood data.

Optimize your Work

Save your research with specific criteria and be notified of newly entered mandates. A simple click and you can send the property to your prospect.

Agents/Agencies Directory

Find all agents and agencies with powerful research. You no longer need to pass by the stand and receptionist to get in contact with other professionals.


The Connect is the heart of the app; it allows to easily manage all communications among members of the network: Visit request, debriefing of the visit, information request. All information is easily transmitted, without possibility of getting lost or not being received. The workflows have been carefully studied for real estate collaboration.

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